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Coil Manufacturing Facility

is a dedicated business unit focused on designing and manufacturing different types of coils of size and voltages in AC/DC, LT/HT electrical rotating machines. We are well equipped to manufacturing the coils in accordance with specific requirement of customers besides manufacturing of the same for captive consumption.

All the coils are manufactured by us in accordance with the drawing or samples supplied to us by using the latest version of the instruments, installed in dust free Air Conditioned shop as per international standards & procedure. The variety of job that we have undertaken, has given us an unparalleled expertise in coil manufacturing

Coil Manufacturing Range :
  • Soft Cell Coils
  • Resin Poor VPI Coils
  • Hot Molded Resin Rich Coils (upto 15KV)
  • Edgewound Coils For Synchronous Motor
  • D.C. Motor Armature Coils
  • D.C. Motor Field Coils
  • D.C. Motor Interpole
  • Roebel Bars for stator
  • Winding Kits
  • C-Coils For Generator upto 50 MW
  • Sq. cage rotor bars
  • Slipping rotor half coils
  • Salient Poles
Manchine Name Scope
Coil Looping Machine Suitable for Pin to pin distance coil spreading up to 5 mtrs.
Coil Spreading Machine Suitable for Span up to 2.0 mtrs & Pin to pin Length : 5.0 Mtrs
Hydraulic Hot Molded Press for Resin Rich Coils
Automatic presses are installed for molding and curing of insulation upto 5 mtrs of coils having Span length and slot size 50mm x 125mm
Roebelling Machine For transposition of sub-conductor in large half coils for Hydro turbo generator
Taping Machine
Since the life and quality of insulation depends on proper tension, overlap, application & procedure throughout the portion to be taped and should be void free, taping machine ensurees all above requirements. The machine is suitable for both Resin Rich & Resin Poor insulation schemes.

Surface Treatment for Corona Protection
Based on the voltage rating of the machine, surface treatment of the coils is done either by application of tape / plant or combination of Semi-conducting and stress grading paint / tape.

Testing of Coils
Coils are manufactured & test as per IEC-34, BS-4699, IS-325. BDS 0530, JEC 37, and Standard. We have facility to conduct the following tests :-
  • Dimensions and shape control
  • Inner turn test
  • AC Hi-Pot Test
  • TAN DELTA Test
  • Impulse Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Inductance Test

Packing Coils

all coils are individually wrapped in styrene, packed for Export worthy wooden packing, lined with thermo-coil

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