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Electric Motor & Repairs

is a dedicated business unit focused on designing and manufacturing different types of Rewinding / Repairing / Revamping / Remanufacturing / Servicing & Overhauling of Ht / Lt , AC / DC Rotating Machines Upt 50 Mw

India Electric Works is synonymous with Superior Customer Service. sales and production team is focused in one dedicated business unit emphasizing service, quality and rapid delivery. We are eager to earn your business. Manufacturing coils for more than 15 years, we know you need:

uses the best & the latest 'F' Class, 'H' class, 'C' class, Kapton, Polymica, Resin Rich & Resin Poor & Resin Glass insulating materials along with special high purity conductors conforming to International standards.

  • Sq. Cage induction motors
  • Slip ring type induction motors
  • DC motors / generators (shunt, series & compound type
  • Alternators (any rating up to 50 MW, 11KV)
  • Rewinding of stator & rotor
  • Reinsulation of HT motors.
  • Hot Molded Resin Rich Coils (upto 15KV)
  • Conversion of aluminium die cast rotor into copper cage rotor
  • Conversion of strip wound rotor into copper wound rotor and vice versa
  • Repair / replacement of slip rings, brush gear assembly, carbon brushes and holders
  • Rewinding and manufacturing of shunt poles. Interpoles, series windings, compensatory winding & equalizer winding.
  • Repair / replacement of commutator, brush gear , carbon brushes and holders.
  • Change of operating voltage. (if the design permits)
  • Reinsulation of main field poles, edge wound coils.
  • Repairs / replacement of automatic voltage regulators (any type & rating)
  • Change of speed (if the design permits)
  • Alternation of type of mounting.
  • Mechanical repairs

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