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Mechanical Repairs
Undertakes various types of Fabrication Jobs for Alternators and motors

Fabrication of stator body in C.I. & M.S. material.

Fabrication of rotor Shafts (any frame size or as reqd.)

Fabrication of bearing housing and End shields

Rebuilding bearing seats on shafts and bearing Housing.

Removing old Shaft & fitting of new shafts.

Conversion of Aluminum cast cage rotor to copper cage rotor

Fabrication of Commutators Bush V-Cone (any frame, size) For DC Exciter, Motors & Generators

Fabrication of Bearing cups & plates.

Fabrication Finger Plates for rotor & stator core

Fabrication of Terminal boxes, cooling fans & covers, Heat exchangers.

Manufacturing, casting & Fabrication of Special Types Cooling of Fans & Covers, MS & CI

Re-staggering, Restacking of Stator & Rotor Cores

Re-insulating the core laminations

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