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Stator Winding

A stator winding is simply the stationary winding in an electric motor, either for rotary or linear. The stator in an AC motor is a wire coil, called a stator winding, which is built into the motor. When this coil is energized by AC power, a rotating magnetic field is produced.

The stator windings have a very low resistance and the winding is also insulated from the frame. The motor stator winding is identical to a generator armature that has a like amount of poles. Each stator winding is overlapped and is electrically and mechanically 120 degrees out of phase.

Our Process

  • Insulate stator core
  • Install coils
  • Wedge coils
  • Braze series and lead connections
  • Install external leads
  • Test
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • VPI
  • Clean and test
  • Install and ship to customers
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