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Testing  Facility in House

Testing of coils and assembled motor / alternator (after rewinding / repairing) plays an important role in comprehensive Quality Assurance

In House Testing Equipment & Tests Include

  • Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester (12 KV.)
  • AC High Voltage Tester Equipment (up to 60KV and 2000 mA.)
  • DC High Voltage Test Set up to 50KV and 500 mA.
  • Surge Comparison Test up to 10KV for checking interterm short.
  • Surge Comparison Tester with Probe for Checking of Drop test for Armatures.
  • Measurement of IR value with Motorized / Electronic Meggar (2.5 and 5.0KV, 100 giga Ohms).
  • Measurement of IR value with Hand Driven Meggars  (0.5 and 1.0KV)
  • Measurement of Polarization Index and Absorption Coefficient
  • Neutral Axis Instrument for Rocker Setting of DC motors
  • Growler Test for Sq. Cage, slip ring Rotor and Armatures of DC Motors
  • ELCID Test. (Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection.)
  • RSO-Recurrent Surge Oscillogram
  • Vibration Tester for measurement and monitoring of Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Bearing Spikes and vibrations.
  • Digital Micro Ohm Meter for resistance measurement (3Nos)
  • Digital LCR Meter for measurement of Inductance, Capacitance & Resistance.
  • Techo Meter (Contact / Non-contact type) for RPM / MPM measurement.
  • Non Contact Type Infra Red Thermometer for Temp. Measurement.
  • Three Phase Test Bench for No Load Run Test of LT and HT Motors.
  • 3 Phase AC Variable Drive for measuring Current Balance (up to 200A/415V)
  • DC Rectifier Unit (up to 25V DC / 1200Amps.)
  • DC Drive Unit (for No Load Run Test of DC Motors).
  • DPI / UT Test.
  • Rotor Locked Test for up to 750KW AC Motor.
  • Operational Data Analysis i.e Residual Life Assessment, Wedge Mapping,
    • Upcoming Additional Facilities
      Infra red Thermo image sensing
      Motor Signature Analysis
  • All tests are carried out by our trained Engineers, who furnish a detailed Report.
  • Other tests if required by the customer & not mentioned above, can be arranged through outside agencies.

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