ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 CO

Our Achievements

Executed successfully assignments pertaining to "Revamping, Rewinding, Repairing, Supplying & Servicing" of all type of electric equipment & machines which include :-

    Rotating Machines - Motors & Alternators

  • 250 numbers High Voltage Rotating Machines of rating up to 25 MW in a year Medium & Low voltage AC & DC Motors and Alternators.

  • Rewinding & Manufacturing of all Coils for High/Low Tension, AC/DC Rotating and Static Machines.

  • Static Machines - All types of Transformers

  • Up to 50 MVA Power, Distribution & Transformers, Arc Furnace Transformers, Power Reactors & Inductor, Electro Magnets, Clutch & Breaks, Induction Furnace Transformer & Power Coils High Frequency Chokes with & without Epoxy / Resin Casting.

  • Supply of Spares

  • Winding Kits, Stampings, End Shields, AVRs, Commutators, Slip Rings, Carbon Holders & Brushes. RTDs, BTDs with digital display Controllers/Scanners, Space Heaters, CTs, PTs, Bushings, Insulators, Terminal Studs ete.

  • As Service Provides, responded to SOS service calls from customers for on site repairing/Balancing/Vibration analysis jobs on their critical Machines.

  • We are authorized rewinders and service centre for many leading companies.

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